Welcome to Ulcinj, the town where nature has given all, one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, a magical place of rich history, tourist paradise which is located in the far south of Montenegro.

Ulcinj lies on the edge of the subtropical zone of the European Mediterranean and Adriatic variant has a Mediterranean climate and subtropical vegetation ..

Ulcinj area is one of the sunniest in Mediterranean area. Average daily sunshine is 9.6 hours. Ulcinj has been rightly called ,,Sun City,,.

The mild Mediterranean climate, high sea temperature from May till Oktober, make the bathing season lasts for six months through the whole day and affirm Ulcinj even in front of the famous European resorts.

The largest beach in Ulcinj Velika Plaza, 13 miles long and 50 meters wide on average, with medical sand rich in salt and iodine is a true natural paradise.

Ulcinj has a clear unpolluted sea, sandy beach medical, source of sulfuric mineral water, medical mud, sea salt.

Sand is gray and white, very nice and clean, and without the slightest tinge of the country, mud, organic materias. Ulcinj has a purified natural environment without any kind of industrial pollutions. That is why its used for medicinal purposes is very important, especially for the treatment of diseases lokomotor system and spine, rheumatism, dyscopathy, etc.

You can play tennis or table tenis. On the beach, on the sand, you can play volleyball,

basketball, football, bowling self, or run and jog beside the sea area. By the sea by the current: windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing and scuba diving.

You can drive a boat and spend the whole day unforgettable fishing picnic, a special attraction is riding on a horse at Ada Bojana. Fans can get a taste of happiness fishing from a boat or off a cliff next to the famous Ulcinj pine forests in the bay, next to the Old City, or at the mouth of the River Ada Bojana, where you can try the old-fashioned way of hunting fish using KALIMERA.

Clean water is dark blue sea, jagged coast, and rich flora and fauna are an excellent adventure for divers.

Ulcinj, in addition to lavish nature, beautiful beaches, mild climate, vegetation, has a rich historical heritage from different periods of history. Because of this, Ulcinj is recognized as a congenital health-resort in.